Graphic artist and print maker driven by a passion for self-expression

About me


I am originally from New Mexico. It is a mountain and high desert landscape with clear air and long sightlines.  It is also a culturally diverse region with architechtural overlays of different eras of native american, hispanic and anglo culture.  This has created a potent atmosphere which has stimulated many generations of artists, writers and spiritual teachers.  

I became seriously interested in creating art 15 years ago as a way to balance out my life relative to my day job studying disease epidemics.  I started my art career in Chapel Hill, NC and moved to the United Kingdom 12 years ago.

I have been creating etchings for the past 10 years.  I am inspired to create through personal exploration and cultivation of internal images.  I believe that through development of these individual images people can gain a greater spiritual understanding of their connection to all other human beings.  I hope my art helps people on this journey.

Technically, I am particularly interested in the quality of line and the use of texture in etchings.  I am continually trying to challenge the limits of conventional etching technique through use of fire, boiling acid and extensive reworking of each image. These techniques can be unpredictable and I enjoy the challenge working with a flowing dynamic image.  Despite this fluid process, I can always feel when an etching is done. 

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